2015 Ruth First Memorial Lecture: "Of Coconuts, Consciousness and Cecil John Rhodes: Disavowals and Disillusionments of the Rainbow Nation"

In July 2015, Panashe delivered the 2015 Ruth First Memorial Lecture, which focused on her research into why 'bornfree' black youth with middle class backgrounds have become 'conscious' and joined their working class peers in the call for Rhodes to Fall. Listen to the full audio of the talk, or read the transcript here.  


TEDxJohannesburg 2013: 'A New Self Identity for Africans'

Originally titled "Deprogramming the Colonised Mind with Programming", this is the highest viewed of all the TEDxJohannesburg talks to date. 

Keynote Address: 2014 Ars Electronica Festival

Panashe has also been the youngest keynote speaker at the 2014 Ars Electronica Festival held in Austria where past speakers have included former Malian Minister of Culture and Tourism Aminata Traore and English evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins.

Vanguard Web-series: 'The Code Switch'

The Code Switch is a talk show based on articles appearing in Vanguard Magazine and hosted by its founding editor Panashe. In the six-part series, the cast discusses a range of issues that speak to the life of young black women in post-apartheid South Africa and find themselves 'switching' through a number of culturally diverse environments.