These bones will rise again panashe chigumadzi indigo cover.jpg

Ahead of Zimbabwe’s elections this July, These Bones Will Rise Again responds to the November 2017 ousting of Robert Mugabe, exploring events leading up to the ‘coup not coup’ that brought his 37-year rule to an end.

Published by the independent UK-based publisher, Indigo Press, this long-form essay brings together bold reportage, memoir and critical analysis to radically reframe the political and cultural history of the country, recognising the role of women, workers and urban movements in its liberation struggle.

In a searing account, These Bones Will Rise Again explores the heady post-independence days of the 80s, the economic downturn of the 90s, through to the effects of the fast track land reform policies at the end of the century. Out of Zimbabwe’s official versions of history, Chigumadzi wrests a complex, and personal history of the past and present through intercession with two ancestral spirits- anti- colonial heroine Mbuya Nehanda, the founding ancestor of Zimbabwe’s revolution, and her own beloved grandmother, who passed shortly before the de facto coup.

This is an inspiring work exploring loss, recovery and memory, that reminds us about the universal and timeless human impulse to freedom, a shared sense of belonging and the will to hope.

Available in June 2018. Pre-order available here.  

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